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July 30 2014


Decking Screws - Fasten Decking Board to Metal or Wood Frames

Decking Screws are made of carbon steel or stainless steel. They are specially designed to fasten wood or composite decking boards to wood or metal frames. These screws are designed to prevent the mushrooming and blemishes that can occur on composite materials. They can be easily recognized from standard wood screws. Typically, they have a parallel shank rather than tapered shank and a countersunk head, which enable the screws to be fastened without pre-drilling the deck boards. They have the following features.


  • Heavier gauge steel helps increase the pullout strength of the screws.
  • Coated with materials that won't rust.
  • Specially coated corrosion protection in even severe marine environments: to salt air, salt water and acid rain.
  • Specially designed to eliminate the mushrooming and blemishes of decking boards.
  • Countersunk (flat) head design makes the screws lay smoothly against the deck surface.
  • Different colors of paints to match the decking boards.
  • Can be collated when using screw gun, reduce the installation time.
  • Unthreaded upper shaft fastens the decking boards on the frame tightly.
  • Easy to screw in and no pre-drilled holes needed.
  • Long service life.
Some color painted decking screws: red, yellow and green.

Various colored painted decking screws match to different kinds of decking boards.

Some collated decking screws with black phosphate.

Collated decking screws speed up the installation.

Some zinc coated decking screws with square drive.

Some square drive decking screws.


  • Material:carbon steel or stainless steel.
  • Diameter:2.9 mm - 6.3 mm.
  • Length: 9.5 mm - 180 mm.
  • Head Type: countersunk head (flat head).
  • Drive Type: pozi, square, star.
  • Thread Type: partial coarse thread.
  • Paint Color: red, green, yellow, brown, etc.
  • Finish: white/yellow zinc coated, nickel coated, black/grey phosphate.


  • Bulk packing in cartons then on pallets.
  • Pack in small bags or boxes then in carton then on pallets or according the customer's request.

We also can customize different kinds of decking screws according to customer's requirement.

A green painted decking screw with pozi drive.

A pozi drive decking screw

A yellow painted decking screw with star drive.

A star drive decking screw.

Decking Screws are designed specifically for various kinds of decking applications. Come in a variety of lengths and widths, our decking screws will give you the perfect solution for fastening decking board to different frames. They provide perfect corrosion protection in even severe marine environments.

  • Ideal for shipbuilding industry, and generally used to fasten wood or composite decking boards to wood or metal frames.
  • Also widely used in exterior fencing applications.
  • Used on the wood chair, bench and simple wood bridge.

Installation Steps

  1. Select the proper size of decking screws.
  2. Set the decking board on the frame, mark off where the screws are. Ensure that the screws are at least 10 mm to the edge of the board.
  3. Adjust the screw gun for the appropriate depth, and put the collate screws on it.
  4. Use the screw gun to screw the screws into the decking board and the frame.
  5. Remove the screws that missed the frame.

Roofing Screw - Best Choice for Fastening Roofing Sheets.

Some roofing screws with drill points have grey, blue, red, white and green paint heads.

Roofing screws with drill points are used to fasten to metal structures.

Roofing screws are made of hardened carbon steel or stainless steel. They can be used for metal, plastic and fiberglass roofing applications. Different screw points can be used for both metal and wood structures. All the roofing screws must have a sealing washer attached, which helps against water penetration. This is the most obvious character of them.

Different Screw Points for Different Applications

The roofing screws are available in two kinds of points. One is drill point, the other is sharp point. The roofing screws with drill points are used to fasten to metal structures, and the ones with sharp points are used to fasten to wood structures.


  • Made of hardened carbon steel, the screws offer strong pullout strength to hold the roofing sheets.
  • Sealing washers help against water penetration.
    Some roofing screws with drill points have grey, blue, red, white, brown, orange and green paint heads.

    Roofing screws with sharp points are used to fasten to wood structures.

  • Commonly with corrosion coating.
  • Different points for different applications.
  • Sharp points for easy to screw in and damage a little.
  • Drill points for screw in hard metal structure.
  • Various colors of paint on heads for specific applications.
  • Can be drilled near the edge of roofing sheets.
  • Long life service.


  • Material: hardened carbon steel or stainless steel.
  • Diameter: 3.5 mm - 6.3 mm.
  • Length: 13 mm - 150 mm.
  • Head Type: hex washer head, hex flange head.
  • Head Paint: white, black, grey, red, green, sliver, blue, yellow, purple.
  • Point Type: sharp point, drill point.
  • Assembling: steel bonded washer, stainless steel bonded washer, PVC washer, stainless steel hex cap, umbrella type washer, nylon cap.
  • Surface Treatment: white/yellow/blue zinc coated, hot dipped galvanized, black oxidized.
  • Packing: 100pcs/bag, 10bag/carton, has or does not have trademark, or according to customer request.

We also can customize according to customer's requirement.

some blue zinc coated roofing screws.

Blue zinc coated roofing screws help against corrosion

Some roofing screws with various paint heads: red, yellow, black, purple, grey and green.

Various head paint colors roofing screws for different colors of flooring sheets.

The roofing screws are installed on the roof sheets.

The roofing screws are firmly installed on the roofing sheet.

Roofing screws are designed specifically for all kinds of roofing applications. With a variety of types of product and good quality, our roofing screws will provide you the best solution for fastening different kinds of roofing structures.

  • Commonly used to fasten metal, plastic, and fiberglass roofing sheets to metal or wood structures: the roofing screws with drill points for metal structures and the ones with sharp points for wood structures.
  • Ideal for fastening the overlap roofing sheets.

Installation Steps

  1. Choose the proper size of roofing screws.
  2. Install a correct sized driver bit for the heads of your roofing screws into the drill.
  3. Set the roofing sheet into the desired location.
  4. Install the roofing screws on the top of the corrugation or the high ridges only. So the water will run off and down the lower parts of the roof.
  5. Start the drill, Press the drill button and drill the roofing screw in the roofing sheet and base materials until the metal washer firmly against the roof sheet.

自钻自攻螺钉 - 提供积极的紧固力

自钻螺钉 相似的 自攻螺钉 ,但用钻头点。 它们是由不锈钢或碳钢。 它们具有高的硬度,拉出强度,剪切强度和完美固定在钢结构和木结构铅线程。 当使用自攻螺钉,有必要钻提前一个孔。 这里的自钻螺钉的功能。




  • 耐腐蚀,优异的抗气,风化等各类腐蚀性因素,包括盐水。
  • 耐强酸,碱的攻击。
  • 安装方便,节省时间,减少劳动力。
  • 高硬度点和铅螺纹钻孔和攻丝。
  • 多种颜色,以适应不同的用途。
  • TUV CERT ISO9001:2000质量保证。
  • 精确的尺寸。
  • 使用寿命长。


  • 材质:碳钢或不锈钢。
  • 头型:平头,盘头,六角华司头,半圆头。
  • 驱动方式:十字,星,泊子和方形。
  • 直径:3毫米 - 6 mm厚。
  • 长度:9.5毫米 - 150毫米。
  • 表面处理:蓝色,黄色镀锌,黑色,灰色磷化,镀镍。
  • 包装方式:散装(25公斤/箱)或者小包装100/200/500/1000pcs/box,然后在纸箱或根据客户的需求。
  • 客户的设计和要求,欢迎选购。








自攻自钻螺钉带有硬化钻点,将钻孔和螺纹结构钢,低碳钢,铝和木材。 中相同的方法作为高速钻头钻这些点被制造。 自钻螺钉,可在各种各样的完成具有独特的产品功能,以适应广泛的环境条件。



  • 在钢的紧固过程中,它们用于对钢框架结构或钢紧固件的其它材料。
  • 在木材的紧固过程中,它们被用于在木结构或工业轻质结构,如屋顶板,地板等的应用
  • 对于铝紧固过程中,它们用于特殊工业应用,建筑和制造业的窗口。


  1. 选择自钻螺钉适当的大小。
  2. 阅读的自钻螺丝的指示,钻一个小孔上的说明给定尺寸的钻头。
  3. 把自钻螺丝上安装了正确的驱动器适配器电动或无绳电钻驱动程序。
  4. 钻自攻螺钉,直到头部与材料的表面齐平。
  5. 继续下去,直到工作完成钻螺丝的材料。

自攻螺钉 - 完美的金属,塑料和木材工作

自攻螺丝 ,主要材质为碳钢或不锈钢,广泛用于塑料,金属和木质材料。 在使用自攻螺丝最好的部分是,有没有必要钻洞,方可使用。 两种基本类型的自攻螺钉螺纹成型螺钉,螺纹切削螺钉。 该螺纹形成螺钉通常用于塑料,变形的材料作为螺钉进入。 螺纹切削螺钉通常用于木材和金属,除去一些材料,制造用于螺钉的螺纹路径。


  • 主要是用在汽车行业,飞机,货架和由金属制成的表。
  • 通常用于像甲板和家具木材对象。
  • 广泛应用于建筑就像砌墙和屋顶。
  • 非常适合需要经常如冷气机或檐篷维护产品。
  • 经常用来挂重型图片和板。




  • 容易搞砸英寸
  • 硬度高。
  • 高温和低温性能。
  • 高拉伸强度值。
  • 各种表面处理的耐腐蚀性和防锈性。
  • 颜色不同的选择。
  • TUV CERT ISO9001:2000质量保证。
  • 使用寿命长,耐用,足以应付多次拆装。


  • 材质:碳钢和不锈钢。
  • 直径为3mm - 17毫米。
  • 长度为5mm - 120毫米。
  • 头型:平头,盘头,扁圆头,六角华司头,圆头华司头。
  • 休会类型:菲利普,泊子,槽六角,梅花形,方形等。
  • 表面处理:镀锌(明亮,黄色,蓝色,绿色等),磷酸盐(灰色,深灰色和黑色),镍/镀铜,抛光,电镀锡,氧化发黑,黑漆。
  • 热处理:回火,淬火,球化退火,消除应力。
  • 包装:包装在小塑料袋或小方块,然后在纸箱(25公斤最大。)+木托盘或根据客户的需求。
















  • 容易拧
  • 高拉伸强度
  • 避免开裂和分裂
  • 深邃的线程,通过木材切割干净
  • 优良的品质和高温处理的耐抢购
  • 尺寸和表面的不同选择
  • 批准建设主管部门
  • 使用寿命长

公司主要生产平头,椭圆形有沉头和双平头纤维板钉,和客户的设计和要求,欢迎选购。 有四种纤维板钉在下面的表中提供的尺寸。


  • 材质:碳钢,不锈钢,黄铜。
  • 直径:3毫米 - 6 mm厚。
  • 长度:12毫米 - 200毫米。
  • 头类型:沉头,双平头,盘头,扁圆头。
  • 流行的头或者是平移或扁平,和流行的仪表是8和10。
  • 表面处理:白色,黄色镀锌,镀镍,黑/灰磷化,黑色氧化,打蜡。
  • 包装:包装在小塑料袋或小方块,然后在纸箱(25公斤最大。)+木托盘或根据
  • 客户的需求。
纤维板螺钉尺寸 直径长度 M3.0 M3.5 M4.0 M4.5 M5.0 6.0级 12毫米 M3.0×12 M3.5×12 - - - - 16毫米 M3.0×16 M3.5×16 M4.0×16 - - - 20毫米 M3.0×20 M3.5×20 M4.0×20 - - - 25毫米 M3.0×25 M3.5×25 M4.0×25 - - - 30毫米 M3.0×30 M3.5×30 M4.0×30 - M5.0×30 - 35毫米 M3.0×35 M3.5×35 M4.0×35 - M5.0×35 - 40毫米 M3.0×40 M3.5×40 M4.0×40 M4.5×40 M5.0×40 M6.0×40 50毫米 M3.0×50 M3.5×50 M4.0×50 M4.5×50 M5.0×50 M6.0×50 60毫米 - - M4.0×60 M4.5×60 M5.0×60 M6.0×60 70毫米 - - M4.0×70 M4.5×70 M5.0×70 M6.0×70 80毫米 - - - M4.5×80 M5.0×80 M6.0×80 90毫米 - - - - M5.0×90 M6.0×90 100毫米 - - - - M5.0×100 M6.0×100 120毫米 - - - - M5.0×120 M6.0×120 140毫米 - - - - - M6.0×140 160毫米 - - - - - M6.0×160 180毫米 - - - - - M6.0×180 200毫米 - - - - - M6.0×200



  • 被广泛应用于钢结构行业,金属建筑行业,机械设备行业,汽车行业等非常适于硬纸板和木材,它们常常被用于橱柜和地板。
  • 共同的长度(约4公分)纤维板螺钉经常被用来加入刨花板地板常规木搁栅。
  • 小纤维板钉(约1.5公分),可​​用于固定铰链刨花板橱柜。
  • 长(约13厘米)的纤维板钉,可用于固定刨花板做橱柜时,刨花板。









Drywall Screws - Requirement for Drywall Structures.

Drywall screws made of hardened carbon steel or stainless steel are used for fastening drywall to wood studs or to metal studs. They have deeper threads than other kinds of screws, which can prevent them from removing easily from the drywall.

Different kinds of Drywall Screw

Some black phosphate fine threads drywall screws.

Fine threads drywall screws for fasten drywall to light metal studs.

Drywall screws are usually bugle head screws with spaced threads and sharp points. Classified by the pitch of thread, there are two common kinds of drywall screw threads: fine thread and coarse thread.

  • Fine thread drywall screws have sharper points, which make them easier to screw in. They are commonly used when fastening the drywall to the light metal studs.
  • Coarse thread drywall screws have fewer threads which make them hold tighter and screw into place faster. They are commonly used when fastening the drywall to the wood studs. 
    Besides, special drywall screws are manufactured for specific purpose. When fastening the drywall to the heavy metal studs, you'd better choose self-drilling drywall screws, no need to pre-drill holes.
  • Meanwhile, we can offer collated drywall screws. They can be used on screw gun, which speeds up the installation.
  • Moreover, there are various coated drywall screws which can protect against corrosion.
Some black phosphate coarse threads drywall screws.

Coarse threads drywall screws for fastening the drywall to wood studs.

A yellow zinc coated self-drilling drywall screw.

A self-drilling drywall screw for fastening the drywall to heavy metal studs.

White/blue zinc coated drywall screws and black phosphate drywall screws.

There are various coated drywall screws which can protect against corrosion.

Some black phosphate collated drywall screws.

Some collated drywall screws that you can use on screw gun


  • Made of case hardened steel, the screws offer strong pull strength to hold the drywall.
  • Sharp points for easy to screw in and damage a little.
  • Black phosphate coating to increase durability.
  • Commonly with corrosion coating.
  • Salt spray test ensures that no color stains the wall.
  • Speed the drywall installation process.
  • Long service life.


  • Material: carbon steel or stainless steel, hardened.
  • Diameter: 3.5 mm - 4.8 mm.
  • Length: 13 mm - 152 mm.
  • Head Type: bugle head.
  • Drive types: slot, pozi, Philips.
  • Thread types: fine threads and coarse threads.
  • Surface Treatment: white/blue/yellow zinc coated, black /grey phosphate.
  • Packing: 500/1000pcs/box or bulk packing in cartons then on export pallets, or according the customer's demand.
  • Customer's design and requirement are welcome.

Drywall screws are the best way to fasten the drywall to the base material. With wide range of product and good quality, our drywall screws provide you the perfect solution for different kinds of drywall structures.

A man is installing the drywall screws with a screw gun.

A man is fastening the drywall to wood studs with drywall screws.

  • Mainly used for fastening the drywall panels to metal or wood studs, the drywall screw with fine threads for metal studs and the coarse threads ones for wood studs.
  • Also used for fastening iron joists and wooden products, especially suitable for walls, ceilings, false ceiling and partitions.
  • The special designed drywall screws can be used for building materials and acoustics construction.

Installation Steps

  1. Drywall screws are easy to use if you choose the right screws and proper driven fasteners.
  2. Select the appropriate size of drywall screws. Ensure that the length of the screw is at least 10 mm more than the thickness of the drywall.
  3. Mark off where the studs are, lift the drywall panel to the right place. Make sure the screws are no less 6.5 mm to the edge of the drywall.
  4. Adjust the screw gun for the proper depth, and put the collated drywall screws on it.
  5. Hold the drywall tightly, and use the screw gun to screw the screws into the drywall and base materials.
  6. Remove the screws that missed the studs.

Inquiry for Our Product


What Can Concrete Screws Do for You?

Concrete Screws or masonry screws made of stainless steel and carbon steel are ideal for use in concrete, brick or block base material. They have the following features:

Two blue zinc coated flat head concrete screws.

flat head concrete screws.

  • High-low threads design makes solid attachment.
  • High tensile and pressure strength.
  • Commonly with corrosion coating.
  • Tested for fire safety.
  • Easy and fast to install: drill, drive, done.
  • No plugs needed.
  • Removable and adjustable.
  • Suitable for concrete, brick, natural stone, etc.
  • Different types of head designs and surface treatment for multiple applications.
  • Can be used close to the edges.

Different Head Types
There are three kinds of head styles of concrete screws - flat head, pan head and slotted hex head. Comparing the different kinds of screws, the flat head and pan head concrete screws can be flush to material surface and look nice, and the slotted hex head ones are easier to drive in. So the choice depends on the location where the screw is fastened.

Some grey phosphate pan head concrete screws.

Grey phosphate pan head concrete screws.

Some slotted hex head concrete screws.

Grey phosphate pan head concrete screws.


  • Materials: carbon or stainless steel.
  • Diameter: 4.0 mm -7.5 mm.
  • Length: 25 mm - 202 mm.
  • Head Types: flat head, pan head and hex washer head.
  • Drive Types: Philips, torx, slot, square.
  • Surface Treatment: plain, yellow/blue zinc plated, black/grey phosphate, nickel plated.


  1. In bulk (25 kg/ carton).
  2. Small packing 100/200/500/1000pcs/box, then in carton.
  3. According to the customer's demand.

Customer's design and requirement are welcome.

Concrete Screws are very utility and are ideal for use in fastening applications. These screws come in various sizes and styles which are very easy and fast to install. Besides, concrete screws can be removed without damaging the base materials after installing. These screws can also be installed close to the edge.
Different lengths allow the screws to be used in many applications including: studs, plywood, electrical boxes, and exterior insulation systems. 
They can also be used for fixing window or door frames manufactured from wood, plastic or metal to concrete, brick, hollow brick or man-made blocks.

Installation Steps

  1. Measure the thickness of the material you will fasten to the concrete. Then choose a screw that is 1 to 1.75 inch longer than the thickness of the material.
  2. Choose a drill bit that is suitable for the screws. The diameter of the drill bit should be a little smaller than the screws.
  3. Measure the length of the screw. Then wrap the tape on the drill bit to mark the length of the screw. The tape can avoid drilling too deep in the concrete.
  4. Drill the hole until you reach the tape.
  5. Clean out the excess material from the hole with a wire brush and a vacuum.
  6. Set the material over the hole, and then screw the material into the concrete.
Different kinds of concrete screws with different lengths and head styles

Different kinds of concrete screws with different lengths and head styles

A man is fastening a blue pocket to concrete with a concrete screw

A man is installing a concrete screw

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